The Great Gathering Of The United Nuwaupians Worldwide


From: the Executive Office of the President of the United Nuwaupian Nation

H. E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York-El

Paa Mumkak: Khamam ‘Bananu’ A’aqab, Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle,

Of the Yamassee, Creek, Seminole, Washitaw, Shushuni tribal families.

 ‘The Great Gathering of The United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide’


            Hatap Yasar, It is always a great pleasure when we as tribal nation get to interact as one family to work on the freedom of our beloved President and Chief: Black “Thunderbird” Eagle, H.E. Dr. Malachi Z K. York in this day and time. Mut Ptah-Warat Atum Rayay, the beloved sister of your president and Ambassador Doosua ‘Hawk-Eye’ York greet you in the name of unity and love. It is of great pleasure to be communicating to all thirty-thousand or more scattered Nuwaupians Yamassee tribal members worldwide today. It is of our highest priority to continuously advance the interest of our nation, the interest of our territory, and the promotion of the upholding of the obligations of the United States of their responsibility to our indigenous nation of people who have been forcibly scattered into exile from our land, Tama-RE in Eatonton, Georgia, which caused us to be displaced all over the world.

            Together we bring to you in this communication on the behalf of our president, the government of the United Nuwaupian Nation, with the commitment of love a unified continuous effort of his freedom by all.  It is the intent of the government of the United Nuwaupian Nation and this communication, to reach out to you with the spirit of healing that is cloaked in that divine love that we have for H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York who has shown us that we all have one common interest in this day and time, and that is his presence amongst his nation again, which leads us to the purpose of this communication.

            Wherever this official communication may reach you we declare we are all eternally linked as one, by our ancestors blood worldwide, never to relinquish this inalienable right by natural law. Our ‘state of mind’ is of Wu-Nuwaup, as this mind is the ultimate liberating force of our existence, a state of existence that is viable for the purposes of our freedom, justice and equality. Drawing attention to our nations sacred crest it expresses definitively our creed of liberation as an act of living:


“For the People, by the People, of the People of Nuwaupia”.

 All Nuwaupians!!! No matter where you exist, it is time to commit the one great gesture of love and unity to demonstrate really, what ‘for’, ‘of’ and ‘by’ each other really means as taught to us all by our president Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle, H.E. Dr. Malachi Z K. York. Whatever name, or school of thought his tone has touched you, you know what your Master Teacher, President, Chief and nation means to you. It is time for us to show him what he means to us. He has united us on our territory the capitol city of Nuwaupia, Egipt of the West’, ‘Wahanee’ the ‘Golden City’, being forcibly removed and assimilated it is our duty to let the world know, NOW! Nuwaupian, Yamassee, Seminole, Shushoni, Creek nation, Stand UP!



            ‘The Great Gathering of the United Nuwaupian nation 2014’ of all exiled and displaced Nuwaupian nationals, tribal members to take tribal member pictures, worldwide in as many nations and states that we have been forced to assimilate into including, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada West Indies, St. Lucia, St. Croix, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Congo, Sierra Leone, Haiti, France, Netherlands, London, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico etc. There are Nuwaupian tribal members worldwide that have rights, be recognized for who and what we are in this world. We all will gather together at the closest Paa Parar or Marat with family members in the city closest and most convenient for you to travel. Standing under our ‘Flag’ and ‘Banner’ of our nation headed by H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York our Chief.



             Whomever and wherever you are as a tribal member everyone should make this opportunity an obligation to perform this worldwide gathering a strong statement of coming together preferably in an open area such as a park or recreation atmosphere. The decided upon location will be communicated to you by the nearest authorized representative listed within this email. Please feel free to contact local representatives for further questions as they have been instructed specifically the criteria for the picture taking event. There is a specific picture to use, the dress, banners etc. All these details should be carried out with great unity. Refer to frequently asked questions.



             Saturday June 14th, at 3 pm EST (8pm GMT). ON TIME, ON TIME, ON TIME. COME EARLY, TO GIVE ROOM FOR TRAVEL TIME, get to locations early as organizers will accommodate elders, children. As we all can chant, we all can pray, whatever you feel being involved, play drums, food and accommodations, their will be chanting and the sending of our love and gratitude to our Salaf-u wu Paa Nadjar-u and our Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. K. York. If you are in various time zones, we will all have synchronized times to where and take our pictures at the same time, e.g. If it that has gathered will be in sync with each other as it is a one hour time difference, and thus still being unified in our actions. In this doing, our voice will be heard and felt throughout the Universe, please let’s make this a powerful event. 



            There are hundreds of thousands of Nuwaupian tribal members in many parts of the world that would love to help in their Master Teachers freedom by whatever name you have called him as he is known by many, whether you are a Muslim Nuwaupian, Nuwaupian Christian, or Jew, N.O.I., Mason, or Eastern Star, whatever your faith and affiliation this is the one opportunity that you can to assist in his freedom our nations freedom JUST BY SHOWING UP.!!


The People of Nuwaupia, Who and what are we?

            We are the ‘Yamassee, Seminole, Shoshoni, Washitaw and Creek nation’, known formerly as the Muschogee nation. We are its successor nation of 30,000 nationals of mixed indigenous aboriginal and imported Africans, we have retained our identity, nationality and language as Nuwaupians regardless of the forced assimilation, we have inalienable rights protected under international law, to have our constitutionally seated president and head of state Dr. Malachi Z. K. York governing our nation on the territory of our indigenous ancestors the Muschogee people (what is now known as Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi). We have been forced into exile by the internationally condemnable aggressive acts by the United States, forced assimilation to various parts of the planet and it’s time for us to return home. 



 Who found and taught this lost found nation of tribal people? 

            Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. K. York has, our President has given this last call to all those whom has heard his special tone, the special tone that has connected all Nuwaupians worldwide. Not by mere description, nor by mere migrations yet by blood relations we are scattered throughout the world displaced throughout many nations and must reclaim our home. You have an obligation to yourselves and our future to claim what’s inheritably yours. Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z K. York has built this nation for over 50 years opening up your conscious mind to the acceptance of these irrefragable facts. We as a people first and foremost have an obligation to our family members, elders, children, tribal members, nation, language (Nuwaup-yee) and most importantly the freedom of President and Chief, Dr. Malachi Z K. York.

Frequently asked Questions


 What should the nation and tribal family wear? We should be dressed neat, clean and  respectable, with our cultural attire,  our  brothers are to dress in all black and gold and fez, some in suits and tie etc. The sisters are to represent with their Hathar braid, some with traditional braids and Ayrat (Bindi) and cultural clothes. Remember the world’s eye will be on our nation. Let’s represent and please no, attire from the Orders, A.E.O., Masonic or Shrine.


1. Who can come to participate in the portfolio picture taking? Every able man woman and child that has been re-educated by Dr. Malachi Z. K. York regardless of your your indifferences with your fellow tribal members. You alone can make this statement by showing up for our Maku “Mico” to heal this great nation; everyone is responsible and should participate.


2. Is this a rally or demonstration? No, absolutely not, we are not marching asking for anything, we are making a stand, by standing up for what’s ours, for legal purposes of showing who we are and where we are, a nation scattered worldwide amongst others international wrongs for twelve long years.


3. Who do I contact for further questions, to find out the location etc.? Included in this email is the list of Paa Parar-aat and Marat-aat, that should be close to your location in every major state and metropolitan city hopefully near a city you are in as to make the travel most convenient, effective and successful as possible.


4. How should we travel and how much is the cost? There is no cost to participate! This is in the spirit of love and unity for Our Chief: Black ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle. You should be cost proficient by carpooling or travel with as many Nuwaupian tribal members as you can, it is your duty as a Nuwaupian, Yamassee Native American or any one of our indigenous tribe to get everyone involved


5. How does this help in the freedom of our President? The strength is in numbers, our nation unified shows the world we are no accident, whether we are displaced or not we won’t allow disunity amongst us as we have suffered waves of abuses and genocide and now it’s our time to come together again to show we are still an existing nation not an extinct nation, and that we voted in our President as our Maku ‘Mico’



6. What if I am not a part of the nation legally can I still participate in the portfolio picture events on that day? Yes! Indeed you are a tribal member by decent and or by acceptance of the declaration made in the tribal and national ledgers attached to this email. You can print and download the ledger for yourselves and families, fill it out and present it to the administrative official of the Paa Parar or Miraat you have participated in. This is the perfect time for the ledgers.


7. Should we bring banners, signs, flags, etc.? No, the administrative organizers have specific instructions on the sign and picture to use, and the appropriate banner. The only flag that should be flying is the flag of the United Nuwaupian Nation, whether it’s the national flag or the tribal flag these flags should fly high as we stand under in honor, strength and pride as the tribal family members of the Yamassee, Muschogee, Shoshone, Washitaw, Seminole of the United Nuwaupian Nation, still standing strong. (The purchasing of ‘Flag’ tribal flags and national flag is in the end of this email, end of page 7, our Yamassee family South Carolina)


8. Should we involve the ‘Media’? Television, news or radio is not necessary. Our job is to inform all Nuwaup-u worldwide, social media informing is necessary to reach as many of our people are scattered in all areas of the world, emails, text and most importantly personal calls are needed to spread the word.

 List of  ‘Great Gathering’ Locations Worldwide


Dulwich Park, College Road, London, SE21 7BQ

Go to "Old College Gate" entrance on College road, on entering the carpark, it is the first on your left.

From 6:30pm - 9pm


Flag Information Park, Bookstores and Paa Parar-aat, and Marar-aat contacts:





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Hatap wu a'shaq yasar 

(Peace and love family) 

United Nuwaupians Worldwide UK