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Sunday 1st June 2014

Hyson Green Youth Centre, Hand In Hand events and Moor Lionz Link Up Presents

 Setting The Ting Straight

Sunday 1st June 2014

2 - 11pm

Hyson Green Boys Club, Terrance Street, Nottingham, NG7 6ER


This is a community event for Nottingham, rebuilding the city and reclaiming the streets.

As one people, one family, one community and most of all

1 Order for Our Nation

 It’s time to keep t real and be about truth so we know thy self

“Wake Up & Make up”

(Life Short On Earth)

Guest speakers will be addressing community issues and there will be an opportunity to ask questions

Carver & Assassin - Birmingham

Neb Kek – ancient African Student Teacher

Leslie Robinson

Priest Adigun

Mr X

Also attending will be Nottingham lord mayor councillor Mersita Bryan

This is a FREE event for all the family so bring our grandparents, parents, young people and toddlers

 For more info contact 07979 610569

All endz and hoodz

No animals so please leave all animal attitudes at home

This is a day of unity, peace and love (so be correct)

Please spread the word to all family and friends

Coming soon

Saviours Day Djed Festival 2014 - Luton, Bedfordshire - Saturday 28th June 2014