The Revalations To The Nuwaupians Paa Taraq "The Way" by PAA MUNZUL AMUNUBI REAKH PATH DJEDITWY

Nuwaupians, use The Right Knowledge, The Right Wisdom and The Right Overstanding when dealing between one another.

If you wish to eat and two of you come upon one apple you can split one apple.

if you wish to plant in the land you can split the land to plant each on a part. if you wish to drink milk it would not be wise to cut the cow in two and still look for it to yeild milk for you. you would have to learn to share the cow so that both of you will have milk.

Spitefulness is evil; Hatefulness is Evil, Selfishness when dealing with other Nuwaupians is evil.

Do not become so kind until evil doers seek to abuse your kindness.

Don't hide the apple so as not to have to share it.

Always see to it that the elders eat first, then the children, then the women, then the real men.

When a woman is with child careful what you not only eat and drink, yet what u see and hear.

Men and women know that what you see and what you listen to become a part of your actions

What you eat and what you drink becomes a part of your DNA. you are what you take in your body.

This is a small fraction taken from The Paa Taraq our way of life, to continue reading please purchase the booklets series from the official website or from one of our worldwide All Eyes On Egipt  book stores.  Habub